People all around the world are dealing one way or the other with plastic pollution. Plastic Soup as such is a very complex problem to solve. But people do develop ideas to fight or prevent plastic soup where they live. Four problems arise about these often locally invented best practices.

  • People facing plastic pollution do not know if technologies are developed elsewhere and have no easy access to them.
  • People are often too poor to apply commercially driven solutions and are in need of cheap devices that are easy to make and robust.
  • People that are willing to share their solutions do not have the means to do so.
  • People like to start their own business and are eager to copy successful examples but have no access to these examples.

Principles of Open Source

All over the world devices to fight the plastic soup are being developed and have been proven effective. We want to share information for free. We invite people and companies to upload blueprints, detailed descriptions of equipment and devices and can easily been constructed with relatively low costs. We invite users to copy the ideas, imply them and improve them and to share their experiences.

Inventions: The best inventions are low cost, easy to fabricate, have a high performance and low maintenance costs.

Transparency: Open access for anyone to information and technology that enables to reduce the problem of plastic soup.

Participation: Everybody is free to participate. Participants all over the world can use and improve.

Collaboration: One helps another in the community via Q&A forums. Key is to share knowledge through forums and video’s. Involvement and feedback of users. We stimulate dialogue between inventors and users.

Steps to be taken

  1. Define the problem you like to solve (like: adding value to waste plastic, recycle, clean-up)
  2. Look for the knowledge to start (ideas, blueprints and video’s).
  3. Adapt the knowledge to your own circumstances.
  4. Start your project or business.
  5. Give feed-back and share the results with us. Let other people profit from your experiences or let them learn from your failures.

Create your own business


Video’s & Blueprints

We ask people that have developed devices or ideas to solve plastic pollution to share their invention with the world. Simply by sharing internet links where anybody can study, download and discuss these inventions. We also publish experiences of people that work with these inventions and are willing to share their experiences with others. This forum collects any feedback of users.