Plastic Bottles Into Handy Ropes

The Plastic Bottle Cutter is a tool that lets plastic bottles be reused into something useful, like strong and convenient ropes. This device is a pocket-size tool with which any plastic bottle can be cut into a fine plastic rope that can be used for any imaginable purpose.

Photo: Kickstarter

Photo: Kickstarter

The French innovators launched a Kickstarter campaign that has successfully achieved the expected sponsors and the delivery of the product is expected to start in June 2016. The device can cut in different widths that can be upcycled into various objects, from art projects to curtains or even as a car towing strap. The video below shows the process and the different outcomes of using this product, a great example of giving value to plastic, reducing the amount of waste you produce. 


Source: Plastic Bottle Cutter


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