River litter traps

  • Example Anacostia River Litter Trap

“The winner of a local water bd. sponsored contest that asked for a device that could be made from materials purchased at Home Depot for $1,000.00. The device that got the prize was invented by a Japanese ex pat that remembered a similar device being used to trap salmon in Japan.  It does not require any existing infrastructure so can be deployed on any natural stream.  Not only that, it doesn’t require any plastic in its fabrication which is mostly rebar.  Attached are some fotos of the fantastic “catch” it produces.  Just imagine what these could do to keep plastics from leaving the watershed and ending up in large rivers, lakes or the ocean.  Since it is catching floatables mainly, it can be deployed with enough height above the stream bed for wildlife to pass. Heavy flooding will overtop it and it will lose some of its load.  It would need to have the “catch” removed regularly.”

  • Baltimore Waterwheel 

Sea trash

  • Trash mapping on sea. Protei. Robotic boats (sailboat drones) the group behind an open-source, collaborative effort to use drone boats to map the trash near the surface of the ocean and to use that location data to direct cleanup efforts. 


Marina’s trash