Recycle to sell

  • “The Recycle Not A Waste Initiative (Recnowa) trains street youth,people with disabilities and poor women from urban slums to upcycle plastic and other material waste into well-designed products for daily use and fashion items.We create jobs which benefit people with disabilities and other vulnerables and the communities in which they live whiles inspiring people to get creative about re-using materials, extending their life-cycle and at the same time contributing to waste reduction. Recnowa Initiative then sells these unique hand-crafted eco-friendly products made by people with disabilities on national and international markets.” 
    UNEP: “Turning plastic waste into well-designed and high-fashion goods”

3D Printing 

  • The Plastic Bank’s Open Source Extruder. The Extruder gives people the technology to turn “waste” into a commodity – filament – that they can sell. 
    The Plastic Bank has released the open source designs for a recyclebot that is powerful enough to be used on a small industrial or on a neighborhood scale. Even better: The Plastic Bank provides the recyclebots to impoverished communities all over the world so that they can turn plastic waste into a valuable commodity they can sell, thus improving their own social situation.
  • Build your own plastic recycle machine. (in Dutch) “Met de juiste machines kan eigenlijk iedereen zelf recyclen”, Dave Hakkens ontwerpt en ontwikkelt vereenvoudigde machines die in een kleinschalige recycle werkplaats gebruikt kunnen worden. Door de instructies open source te maken, wil hij de machines voor iedereen beschikbaar maken en de ontwikkeling versnellen. Zijn streven is dat de machines modulair worden, zodat onderdelen snel zijn te vervangen en te upgraden. Het staat ook hoog op Dave’s verlanglijst om filament (‘inkt’) voor 3D printers te maken zoals de Recyclebot en de Filabot.